3-Day Summer-Body & Mind Juice Cleanse

The busy person’s cleanse to leave winter fatigue behind and feel energized before summer

Right now, you may be feeling like life is spinning so fast, and you’re stuck in a rut of not feeling your best. You desire change, but the thought of making it happen feels like an uphill battle.

Imagine this: you come home after a hectic day, craving a nourishing salad, but you’re met with, “I want pasta!”

Cooking two separate meals feels like an insurmountable task. And by the end of the day, you just want to collapse on the couch.

Summer beach days are around the corner. The extra winter bloat adds to your frustration. Despite your best efforts, trips to the grocery store often result in purchases that don’t align with how you truly want to feel. Part of it is habit, the other part is not knowing what the heck to make to eat.

Does this sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Many women find themselves in this exact situation, yearning for healthier habits but unsure where to start.

Here's the thing:

Change is Possible

And It Doesn't Have To Be Overwhelming.

There’s a simple solution waiting for you – a 3-day juice cleanse that will jumpstart you into feeling better from the inside out.

Does the sound of a 3-day cleanse make you a little nervous? 

Maybe you’re thinking “there’s no way I can only drink juice for 3 days!” or “I don’t want to feel hungry.” 

Tell me if this also sounds like you…

The 3-Day Summer-Body and Mind Juice Cleanse has been designed by a nutritionist to help you kick cravings and regain control of your healthy habits.

This juice cleanse is the perfect solution for you if you are:

We’re going for a Summer body kinda thing…

But not quite what you’re thinking.

There’s no point in looking good if you’re not feeling your best.  This is why we created our juice cleanse to:

I love the variety of each juice in the cleanse. It’s amazing. Each step seems to give your body just what it needs at that point in the day. I never felt hungry at the end of the day, which I didn’t think would be possible. And after I finished the cleanse, I felt less bloated and had great energy. It started me on a trajectory of better eating habits!


See the difference in only 3 days with our Summer-Body and Mind Juice Cleanse

What You’re Getting …

Price: $224

Today’s offer: $194

Here’s How You Get Your Juice

Hear It From Our Clients:

My body feels amazing! I have my energy boost back! I’m down 5 lbs. It wasn’t ALL about losing weight, but my clothes are fitting better and my joints are less swollen. I’m more mindful of my eating habits now. The juice cleanse helps me honor my body every day.


The juice keeps me on track and makes me feel like I’m sticking with something I committed to. I have so much more energy and my skin is healthy looking. I’m feeling good about making positive choices. What I didn’t expect was how much I would love it. You see green juice and think, who would get excited over that, but let me tell you – I can now answer that question. It’s me! It’s delicious.


This is everything you’re getting inside your 3 day offer:

Here Are Some Of The Juices You’ll Find Inside:

Metabolism Boost

To kick start your metabolism first thing each day.


To prevent the afternoon slump and help you power through your day.

Eliminate Inflammation

To help you flush out inflammation in your body and skin.

Price: $224

All this for just... $194

Our Juice Cleanse Is The Real Deal

Most juice cleanses you see out there are full of sugar, loaded with fruits (cough cough, more sugar), and have very little nutritional value. They are impossible to finish and leave you wanting more crackers than when you started.


We design all our juice cleanses to give you the perfect nutrient balance. 


You feel renewed and energized throughout the day without wanting to raid your pantry.

Who’s Behind Your Juice Cleanse

Hi I’m Coach Kristy, certified holistic health coach and co-owner of Organic Juice Barn, the south shore’s only 100% organic juice bar.

I’ve worked with medical doctors as well as eastern medicine practitioners to design a simple to follow juice cleanse that people can actually finish without getting hungry.


I’ve helped hundreds of moms, dads, and busy professionals kick their food cravings, master clean eating, and feel great in their bodies… will you let me help YOU next?

This Is How We Prepare Your Cleanse

Step 1

Coach Kristy develops the cleanse and all the recipes based on nutritional science

Step 2

We select only the best organic ingredients and buy them locally when possible

Step 3

We use a $30,000 gentle coldpress juicing machine to make sure all the nutrients are going into your juice rather than being destroyed by blades.

Step 4

Your juice is ready to be enjoyed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose when I start the cleanse?

Yes! You can order your cleanse now and choose any day in May or June to start your cleanse.

The 3-Day Summer-Body and Mind Juice Cleanse is nutritionist-designed to give your body everything it needs for three days. You will be giving your body and your organs a wonderful chance to rest and reset by drinking solely nutrient-dense juice.

 You’ll be surprised at how satisfied and nourished you will feel with our nutritionist-designed cleanse. Most people tell us they were nervous they’d be hungry and were so surprised that they never felt hungry! However, it will probably help your mind to have a gameplan for if you start to feel like you need food. The best bet is a clean, organic, easy-to digest smoothie, small meal, or snack like cucumbers, celery, or a small salad.

Yes! While you likely know that coffee is acidic, the last thing you want is caffeine withdrawals. If your body is used to a lot of coffee, just cut back. And make sure it’s organic. If you’re a one cup a day coffee drinker, try moving to organic green tea instead. You’ll still get the caffeine boost and you’ll also get brain and fat burning benefits!

The more you follow our simple daily schedule and hydrate your body with your juices and water, the easier and more enjoyable your detoxification process will be. Coach Kristy designed this juice cleanse so that you can have a gentle process that gives you great results. On day 2 you may experience things like a light headache or some fatigue, but by day 3 you will feel amazing in your body with tons of energy, and you will even likely desire to keep juicing for another day to keep that feeling going!

You’ll get a simple daily schedule to follow from our holistic health coach, Coach Kristy, so that you’ll know what to do and when. It’s a flexible schedule that you can shift around whatever you’re doing each day. Your mind can rest and not have to make any food related decisions for 3 whole days!

When you’re consuming large amounts of juice made of vegetables and fruits, we advise that you prioritize 100% organic so that you’re not overloading your body with conventional chemicals like pesticides and fungicides. You also want to be careful that you’re not drinking high levels of fruit juices so that you don’t spike your blood-sugar, which is a very unpleasant feeling in your body, mind, and mood. Our juice cleanses are nutritionist-designed to give your body exactly what it needs so that you actually get the results you’re paying for.

You’ll pick up all 3 days of juice at our Norwell store at 412 Washington Street in Norwell. Our commercial hydraulic cold-pressing juice machine gently extracts the juice from all the beautiful organic vegetables and fruits which means it is nutrient-dense and safe and beneficial to consume for several days (in your refrigerator).

We were nervous to do a cleanse because we thought we’d feel hungry. We were ready to shed the winter belly, and it felt like the right time because we’re at a phase between winter comfort foods and summer salads. We couldn’t believe that we didn’t feel hungry. It felt AMAZING to consume so many veggies every day.  


We became aware of how much we had been eating out of pure habit. We’re both getting clear messages about what our bodies want, and don’t want to return to eating. What a relief – we do have self-control! 🤣🤣  

Suzy & Keith

Got to the end? Awesome!

This means you’re ready to start our cleanse.


Get your clease and jumpstart your healthy habits before summer.

Price: $224

Today’s offer: $194

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