14-Day Cravings-Free Summer Reset

Break the Cravings Cycle: Your Path to a Healthier, Happier You

Right now, you may be reaching for snacks or sweets throughout the day even though you know you’re not truly hungry. Busy and constantly taking care of everyone else, it’s easier to grab something quick rather than find time for a healthy meal or snack. 

You love to enjoy food, but your sweet tooth and sugar cravings often lead to unhealthy choices, even after eating a balanced meal.

You’re aware that when your diet slips, your cravings for sweets increase. This has become a frustrating cycle, with sugar intake as the main issue. You often find yourself Googling sugar detox solutions, hoping for a way to reset and break free from these cravings.

Eating on the go has become a habit, driven by your hectic lifestyle. The constant battle with sugar and the guilt that follows are overwhelming. You wish you could enjoy food without the cravings controlling your health and well-being, finding a balance between your love for eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Does this sound familiar? You’re not alone. Many women find themselves in this exact situation, yearning for healthier habits but unsure where to start.

Here’s the thing: You can break the cycle, and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

The 14-Day Cravings-Free Summer Reset
Is Your Way Out

There’s a simple solution waiting for you – in only two weeks – that will jumpstart you into healthy habits to feel better from the inside out.

I can hear you saying, “But Kristy, I don’t have time for this in the summer …”


Maybe you’re thinking “there’s no way I can tackle my eating habits at the same time that school is getting out and summer social functions are in full swing…”

Tell me if this also sounds like you…

I know you’re busy.

That’s why, in just 2 short weeks, with only 60 minutes twice a week, you’ll get everything you need.

You’ll receive my exact roadmap—a simple framework tailored for busy parents and professionals seeking results without added kitchen tasks.

It’s really that easy.

Here’s how the 14-Day Cravings-Free Summer Reset Works:




End the Cravings Cycle

Let’s Get Your Healthy Habits in Full Swing

By Joining The 14-Day Cravings-Free Summer Reset You Will:


I understand that you’d rather get through the summer before focusing on yourself. Or you may even want to let loose for the summer and tackle your habits after all the barbeques and beach days. While I can’t speak for you, I can certainly say that there has never been a “right” time to make a change in my life. And I certainly would not be where I am today if I waited for that right time to come around.


Lucky for you, I’m going to be right here by your side when you feel like you’re too busy to prioritize yourself. I’ve taken the hard work out for you because I’m giving you my personal tools and recipes that took me years to figure out. All you have to do is show up live or watch the replays for our 3 calls with an open mind, and pick up a fork to eat the meals that I’ll be cooking for you. It really gets to be that easy.


I’m here to show you that you get to show up for yourself the same way you show up for everyone else. There’s a simple way and I’m going to teach it to you if you let me. Otherwise, come Fall, you’ll be stuck in the same rut you’re in today of wishing for a reset.

And if you choose to come with us…

Here’s how the 14-Day Cravings-Free Summer Reset works:

1. Kick-Off & Goal Setting

On this group call, I will show you how to get results from our two weeks together. I will go over how to set up your day (based on your unique, busy schedule), and how to adjust when something unexpected comes up.

2. Healthy Meals Made Simple:

Say hello to your sabotage-proof plan to nourish your body. I’ll be cooking one delicious, high-protein meal a day for you for 4 days during Week 1! In Week 2, I’ll teach you exactly how to quickly and easily make at least one delicious meal a day for yourself.

3. Healthy Habits That Last

Let’s uncover what’s missing from your daily habits. Let’s get you consistent and help you break the cycle of cravings. We will cover exactly what to do to reclaim your healthy habits.

4. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Tipping the Scale

Let’s enjoy guilt-free sweet treats that satisfy you. No more deprivation. No more games of willpower. Just purely delicious, cravings-buster snacks and treats. (So good the kiddos will enjoy them, too!)

5. Accountability

I’m not only going to guide you to your path of healthy habits; I’m going to hold you accountable to yourself each step of the way. You’re getting 14 days of accountability to create your cravings-free lifestyle.

And did we mention the best part? We’re doing it LIVE.

Our kick-off call will be on Friday, June 7 at noon EST.

Our other 2 calls will be on Tuesdays: June 11 and June 18 at noon EST.

See the difference in only 2 weeks with our 14-Day Cravings-Free Summer Reset

This is everything you’re getting inside your 14-day Reset:

Here Are Some of The Meals You’ll Enjoy In Week 1:

Each meal is 100% organic, crafted by me in our Norwell kitchen with love, and fully ready to eat! For warm meals, all you have to do is heat. For cold meals, just grab your fork and enjoy. 

Here’s How You Get Your Ready-to-Eat Meals:

You’ll come to our Norwell store to pick up your meals on Monday, June 10th between 3:30 – 5:00 pm EST, or on Tuesday, June 11th between 7:30 am – 5:00 pm EST.


3 live group calls and Q&A with Coach Kristy …………………….$750

4 organic, high-protein, ready-to-eat meals…..……………………$105

Step-by-step guidebook with quick and easy recipes…………$197

Coach Kristy’s Personal Simple Daily Schedule………………… $97

Total Value: $1,149

Yours for: $597

Today’s Price: $397

(plus 7% Mass meals tax for your 4 meals)

Hear It From Our Clients:

My body feels amazing! I have my energy boost back! I’m down 5 lbs. It wasn’t ALL about losing weight, but my clothes are fitting better and my joints are less swollen. I’m more mindful of my eating habits now.


In 2 weeks from now you could:

The 14-Day Cravings-Free Summer Reset is the perfect fit for you if you are:

A busy mom or caregiver who wants to enjoy food without cravings dragging down your mood or energy.

A busy parent or professional ready to stop thinking about chips and chocolate all the time. 

A health-conscious person looking for easy ways to eat healthier despite your on-the-go schedule.

Meet Your Coach:

Hi I’m Coach Kristy, certified holistic health coach and co-owner of Organic Juice Barn, the south shore’s only 100% organic juice bar. 

My journey to health and wellness deepened in my 30’s when I Iearned how to heal my body naturally from chronic autoimmune disease. Back then, I was a busy mom juggling a demanding career. Amid the emotional ups and downs, I learned what the human body truly needs, and how to build sustainable habits that fit into my hectic life.  

I’ve worked with medical doctors as well as eastern medicine practitioners to design programs that get my clients lasting results. I’ve helped hundreds of moms, dads, and busy professionals kick their food cravings, master clean eating, and feel great in their bodies… will you let me help YOU?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to give up sugar?

No, you don’t have to give up sugar! We’ll be enjoying healthier sweets and treats to keep you satisfied with stable mood and energy levels. There’s no deprivation in this program. The human body naturally seeks pleasure, and no amount of willpower or going cold turkey will change that. My philosophy is simple: satisfy your body’s desires and build healthy habits for a cravings-free lifestyle.

No, the 14-Day Cravings-Free Summer Reset is not a detox program. Instead, we’ll focus on developing healthy habits and nourishing your body with proper nutrition, allowing you to indulge occasionally without triggering food cravings.
Yes! And if you want, I will teach you how to coffee smarter so you’re not relying on coffee for energy throughout the day.
This program isn’t a diet, it’s your roadmap to a cravings-free lifestyle. Unlike other programs, you’ll receive my support, motivation, and accountability to help you make small changes that lead to significant, lasting results.
To provide 100% organic, high-protein meals made locally in our kitchen at a reasonable price, we offer a set menu. These are the same satisfying meals our customers have loved all year. You won’t feel hungry, and your taste buds will never be bored! Our meals are plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free, and free of processed sugar.
Absolutely! All calls are recorded, so you can watch them at your convenience, whether you’re doing dishes or packing lunches. Your guidebook will serve as your roadmap, ensuring you know what to do every step of the way. You’ll still receive all the benefits of the program, including support, motivation, and practical strategies to break free from cravings and maintain healthy habits. This flexibility allows you to achieve lasting results on your own schedule.
I’ll help you rethink everything you know about diets and detoxes. Deprivation doesn’t work—no one can maintain lasting results with a strategy that feels restrictive. Instead of “giving up” sugar, we’ll focus on nourishing your body in a way that naturally reduces cravings. This approach lets you enjoy occasional treats without derailing your progress, allowing you to achieve sustainable, long-term results.
This program is designed to teach you simple strategies for making yourself one quick heathy meal a day. However, if you prefer to take these two weeks off from the kitchen while learning these strategies, we’re happy to provide your meals for you, so you’ll have one less thing to think about.

Got to the very end?

Here’s a final note for you:

It took me years to condense this program down to 2 weeks. I wanted to be absolutely sure I could deliver you a roadmap that gives you lasting results rather than quick fixes that lead to feelings of deprivation. I’ve combined my personal experience on my own journey to food freedom, as well as my years of experience working with busy women to create a cravings-free lifestyle tailored for those on the go. If this sounds like a no-brainer, it’s because it is. 

Need help deciding?

Send me a DM @juicebarn or Text me: 781-347-1906

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